Krazy Kris

Krazy Kris is the DJ project of Christiaan van Rooyen from Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Christiaan was born near the sea in the late eighty’s in this windy rainy flatland. At a younger age I began playing instruments like the trumpet, flute and the violin. When growing older I began listening to Doors and Beatles, and played in several bands after. This mystical thing called music is amazing I thought, and after hearing these great jazz tunes which were made in the sixties, my love for music was imminent.

After visiting the Goa parties at the danzige bocht, in 2005 I found that this sixties atmosphere wasn’t extinct, better yet, it was on its revival! The party scene didn’t last long in Holland though. Luckily our German neighbors where booming all over the country with good parties. When I was visiting Denmark I fell in love with this krazy forest sound. After I got in contact with some hardware, I was intrigued and Krazy Kris was born. Being part of the Megalith project, the making of sounds squeaks continues…

My dj-sets are best divined as Dark Foresty psytrance mixes at around 150, made for the night. Styles vary from straight forward Russian madness to mind boggling forest sound squeaks. Going from Kindzadza and Ocelot to Grapes of Wrath, Papiyan, Drone Bixie, Derango and Procs. Mixes with different styles can be found on soundcloud. See you on the dancefloor!