Chemical Abstract

Chemical Abstract is Daniel Kulczycki born 1981 in Poland,his adventure with music started in year 2000 first with techno (hard tech, schranz, acid) then with all kinds of psy music (prog, full on, dark, forest). DJ since 2001. He started in year 2007 to produce his first own tracks and in year 2009 he started together with his very good friend Metodi Kocev aka Gorump Peyya the project BioSynthesis. After successful realese of their first album on Mighty Quenn Rec. and many another top realeses on diverse labels they maked some small break with main project BioSynthesis and started to care also about side solo projects (Magic Seeds and Chemical Abstarct) - the result of that are many interesting new realeses which just came out or will be released in next time.