All the time I remember myself Trance was playing in my mind but I didn't know that it was Trance. I used to listen to the electronic music from the age I was 15 - there were lot of many different music. I was going over from style to style till 1999 when I heard "Man With No Name" - "Earth Moving The Sun". And it was like a lighting stroke - I have understood that here it is, I'm at home again. Further sequence of events was a matter of time. In 2001 I began to play in public dj-sets. In 2003 I have bought my first computer and the new age of my life started - the time of Trance creation. Essentially Trance is writing itself and I take a role of energy conductor and just give a form to this energy which can be accepted by Earth inhabitants. Vibrations define the depth of Trance and its information part while knowledge and experience define the quality of its sound. These magical sounds getting into the each cell of body illuminate the soul and while being resonating we help to the Earth and all its inhabitants to move to next level of consciousness. Being ancient cosmic tribe travelling through the worlds we glorify art of Dance the Creating. Trance is the language of God and Love is His main message.