Practical Shamanism & Modern Sound Technologies
are 2 ways of knowledge and religion that were on the board of UFO that crashed near the Macedonian mountains.
We feel connection with ancient deep Knowledge and some mystic vibes when we hear something about Macedonians and skate on their soundscapes.
Vladimir Gochkov is one of this beings from macedonian forest people who were very close to the place where that UFO fell down.
After extraterrestial contact and knowlege transmission straight into his head he woke up one morning and started to paint pictures of nature and mystic alien rituals with computer programs!
Beats and bass create a ground and mountains, noises are deep and look like animals and birds.
Atmoshere of ritual and hidden secret shamanism flows from the speakers like Ajahuaska.
Colors are grey. Sometimes it's really very full color, but who says that the world is always happy ?
Want to see all this ? isn't it ?
try to find GOCH...

"Music forms constantly changing by unusual patterns,
dissembling the feeling of forests with many life forms." Vladimir Gochkov