GnOhm is the solo project of Copenhagen based Psytrance/Chillout Producer Kalle Christensen. He started play guitar at the age of 5. and slowly learned to master it along with other things as bass, piano, drums etc. He first discovered Electronic music in the middle of the 90. through he´s big sister and her friends. this evolved into listening goatrance very early with a classmate, after the little glims at Goa.. He continued play rock/punk for some years.He discovered the amazing possibilities of the computer and music programs late in 2000 and felled in love with it quickly.
First working with various kinds of electronic music.
Started the GnOhm project around 2006 and released a 3 track EP through D.A.R.K Records. after that He and Lauge found each other and formed
Lauge & Baba Gnohm.
They worked alot and have alot of releases behind them including.
Various Tracks on VA´s. 4 EP´s and 1 album.
around the winter 2010 the GnOhm project was started up again in the shadows of the chillout project.. bubbling, shizling, fuzzing just waiting to get out of the cage and into the wild.
But finally He´s BACK.


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