Already Maged - Feather Samples

 Little present from Already Maged to all psy music lovers.

You are invited to the old material. Released and unreleased tracks from 2005-2007 years. To share where my path took its inspired roots. "Tales of the future past" : Uncompleted and unpolished, these were forgotten as well... These parts were divided than and merged back together to bring the listener closer in garden where thy growth. Thanks to all the labels for their support in my beginning and Sonic Chakras for releasing "Further Samples".

MP3 / Cover pack


1. LillyLoop Archimage (148bpm/2005/Unreleased)
2. Queen of Spades (150bpm/2005/Unreleased)
3. Mechanodramma (150bpm/2007/Unreleased)
4. Cursed Giant Gregoth (158 bpm/2007/Unreleased)
5. Battle in a Swamp (155bpm/2007/Tremors Underground Productions)
6. Under the Moss (155bpm/2007/Organic Alchemy Records)
7. Stolen Kingdom (160bpm/2007/Tremors Underground Productions)
8. Never Trust a Wizard (160bpm/2006/Unreleased)
9. Police Escaper (150bpm/2006/Golden Dawn Records)
10. Young Ghost in Old Trunk (155bpm/2007/Unreleased)
11. Grimoire Pentagramme (155bpm/2006/Insomnia Records)
12. d'U See a Pi number? (155bpm/2007/Unreleased)
13. Estetic Fear (150bpm/2005/Unreleased)
14. The Quest (150bpm/2005/Unreleased)
15. The Eye (151bpm/2005/Unreleased)
16. Pxzyco Taxi (155bpm/2006/Unreleased)
17. All Universe Under an Own Hood (153bpm/2007/Unreleased)
18. Outro.

Mastered by Magic Seeds.
Artwork by Already Maged.
All tracks written, mixed and edited by Already Maged exept outro.