Finally, you have a long-awaited possibility to experience unique material. The second release of Sonic Chakras Records, debut album by Already Maged "Liber Scientia". Come and enter into a nine part ritual of this magic voyage to learn the free doctrine.


Sonic Chakras Records is proud to present their first compilation called "Danse Macabre".
After years of organizing parties in Russia, team of Sonic Chakras Records decided to tell the music story consisting of 11 episodes each of which is unique. In this story you will hear and see the synthesis of high-tech sound with the sounds of nature with all its depth and richness. Danse Macabre will your guide through deep rythms, psychedelic powerfull atmospheres, harmonious melodies & forest trippy moods.
We are happy to present a unique psychedelic vibes for dancefloors around the world. Have a nice time.