hidden Vibrations...

22.02.2013 Hidden Space Village Gathering 2013 preparty

by Sonic Chakras & Crystal Power & Real Vision Music

~'~ Psylodelic AssShake Vibrations ~'~

Molchun (Sonic Chakras Rec. Russland)

Prokoll (Feeless/Mighty Quinn Rec. Russland)

Sunshine (Insomnia Rec. Russland)

Stealth und Lynoxod und 604fx (Sonic Chakras Rec. Russland //label crew b2b set)

Phil und Rami (Real Vision Music Deutschland)

System Overload aka Hokus Pokus aka Maniac Bubbles (Parvati Rec. Dänemark)

Papiyan (Parvati Rec./Real Vision Music Dänemark)

Transdriver (Vertigo Rec. Russland)

Hare (Feeless S.S./Antiscarp Rec. Russland)

01.12.2012 Sartuday 23:00-10:00
Sonic Chakras label party
~'~ WE ARE ONE ~'~


GNOHM Live/Dj set (Denmark)

KOMARCHIKI (back home after long trip :P)

+ Antiscarp Rec./Feeless guest:



Baba Gnohm PLays Lauge & Baba Gnohm (FlikFlak Family) Live (Denmark)

Good news, everyone!

V/A Sonic Visions is finally released. From now, you can buy and enjoy our Sonic Visions compilation at these stores:


Have a nice time!

Sonic Chakras & Real Vision.


Sonic Chakras Records and Real Vision Music pool their forces creating a journey in order to open minds.With the aim not just to fall in trance on the floor this assembly has the purpose to open concioussness while lean back and drift away.It was diligently taken care of a comprehensible sequence to assert that this voyage will be a pleasant one. This brew of extraordinary ingredients guarantees a trip through the sonic atmospheres of a visionary world of peace and dance.

Music has the power to move elements and give inspiration to every civilisation. So we called our support to the worldwide subculture we are living in "Sonic Visions" to express what we love so much.

Have a nice time.

 Little present from Already Maged to all psy music lovers.

You are invited to the old material. Released and unreleased tracks from 2005-2007 years. To share where my path took its inspired roots. "Tales of the future past" : Uncompleted and unpolished, these were forgotten as well... These parts were divided than and merged back together to bring the listener closer in garden where thy growth. Thanks to all the labels for their support in my beginning and Sonic Chakras for releasing "Further Samples".

Space Camp Gathering 2012 announce

Dear friends!!!
Team of Sonic Chakras Records began massive preparations to Space Camp 2012. This year Space Camp will be something new and foundamental !
We preparing for u some 3d cosmic visions in deep pine forest spiced with truly forest sound from all around the globe. Artists lineup was cooked by two friendly labels Sonic Chakras from Russia and Real Vision Music from Germany. Stay tuned and we will tell u more about deco and visuals on festival… also experimental dancefloore line up coming very soon, but we are already glad to announce Vlastur from Greece.

More info here.


Sonic Chakras glad to share good news again!
After 2 years of silence Attoya back again and finishing work in secret underground sound research laboratory. They have just synthesized some new sonic lifeform...
Long awaited second album from Attoya "Wooden Beatz" coming very soon!
Deep psychedelic atmospheres and recognizeble basslines and leads will hypnotise you and bring to wooden place fullfilled with unheard beatz and soundz, unseen wonderz, and untold mysticall expirience of magic forest.
Musthave masterpiece for forest psychedelic lovers!
Have a nice time.


Sonic Chakras Records is proud to present their next compilation called "Crystal Chakras". This compilation is the result of combining the two cohesive forces "Sonic Chakras" and "Crystal Power". This is a journey, passing through which you can feel the whole spectrum of deep psychedelic experiences and join the atmosphere of crystal light that fills your mind. We present you new forest vibration of projects across the planet Earth, have a nice time!